Geyushi Goals

Our goal is to ensure that you receive the very highest level of customer satisfaction at all times. We appreciate the value that your investment in a Geyushi commercial vehicle. 

For as long as you drive Geyushi vehicles, our authorized workshop  maintains your vehicles' performance, protect its warranty and enhance its resale value by providing you with the outstanding After-Sales Service.

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Service Standards

Geyushi  service centers ensure that all maintenance work is carried 
out to the highest standard by:

  • having a huge staff of  highly qualified and certified technicians
  • Following rigorous guidelines and using only genuine parts and recommended lubricants
  • Geyushi is committed to make the service solutions an effective 
    way to reduce customers’ operational & maintenance costs 
    and improve the safety of vehicles amid the operation and 
    services into consideration, and developed products and solutions 
    that can reduce customers’ operational & maintenance costs 
    and improve the safety of vehicles


Genuine Parts have been designed specifically for your bus or truck to give you the best performance.

Warranty service

In order to meet various warranty needs of different customers, Geyushi provides certified official spare parts and a professional after-sales services fully supervised by the highest standards.

Network of service centers- Factory

The network of accredited service centers :

You can be assured that your commercial vehicle will be maintained according to the highest standards  at Geyushi authorized service centers:

  • Our Service Center is located in the zone 3A- the industrial zone of 10th of Ramadan city. 
  • Expert service engineers and accessory managers are available.
  • Our service center provide parts and warranty service for Geyushi Buses.
  • Geyushi provide premier, professional and high quality maintenance services.

Factory & Service Facilities

Showrooms & Service Facilities
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Geyushi Automotive Industry

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