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WEICHAI Generators

WEICHAI products are widely applied on trucks, buses, power generation, power plants, marine, agriculture, construction equipment, etc. pushing the world and life safer, faster, easier, clearer and healthier

Our state-of-the-art product benefits for you

  • Designed to meet the most strict emission legislation worldwide.
  • Highest fuel efficiency.
  • Extended maintenance intervals.
  • Resilience against harshest environment.
  • Best-in-class power output.

Diesel Generator Sets

Heavy Range (750-2500Kva)

Available in a variety of configurations: open skid, soundproofed canopies and container versions of 20 and 40 HC that can be equipped with different synchronization system. WEICHAI also offers a full rang of medium voltage Gen-sets, including power managers, synchronizes, power switchgear and protection devices. The company's medium voltag equipment is designed with performance and reliaty in mind. They can be equipped with medium voltage output or transformers to be compatible with the needs of site.

Industrial Range (15-2500Kva)

Available in the low to mid-size power rang. 

WEICHAI offers wide choice of prime moves and configurations. The industrial rang is designed to be durable in every condition. It can be employed, yet not limited in continuous power supply, speak shaving or stand by industrial, commercial, residential sectors.

Enclosed Generator Sets


  • Ergonomic design, compact structure.
  • International standard cold plate, corrosion resistance, moisture-proof shell
  • Compact dimensions design, Max.Qty42 units in 40 container.
  • High-efficiency shock proof.
  • Large capacity fuel tank for 8 hours of continuous operation.
  • Lifting from the top hock and forklift hole at the bottom.

Telecom Generator Sets


WEICHAI gen-set can work remotely, providing efficient and reliable power and incorporate functionalities such as:

  • GPS System, marking it possible to locate the machine at any time.
  • Fuel level alarm.
  • Remote management and remote control for gathering and recording data in real time, establishing alarm notifications and generating reports about the entire power system.

Land-Based Gen-Sets (50 Hz)