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About Geyushi

Geyushi Automotive Industry is a beacon of Egypt's automotive expertise. Located in the 10 th of Ramadan industrial city, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with a capacity to produce around 5000 buses annually, including eco-friendly models. The captive research and development unit underscores Geyushi’s dedication to innovation, as the firm continually aims for locally-inspired designs that meet international standards. Geyushi takes pride in integrating top quality components, national resources and harnessing local expertise, showcasing the pinnacle of Egyptian industrial prowess.

Geyushi, Crafting tomorrow.

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Our Commitment

We are committed to delivering our values to our clients through “premium quality; competitive pricing, exceptional services, using cutting-edge technology and exceeding customer expectations.

Satisfaction over Geyushi.

Raising The Flag of Customer Services.

Mohy El Din Geyushi


Our Legacy

Located in the 10th of Ramadan city, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility produces around 5000 buses annually, including eco-friendly models.

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Our Team

In order to be able to drive a better future, we gathered a dedicated team of more than 800 employees with local & international expertise, who put precision, quality, and flexibility at the heart of their work.

Research & Development

We reserve a special place of pride for our esteemed Research and Development center. This exceptional business unit, through its design, analysis, and testing cycle, empowers us to achieve unparalleled control over the quality of our bus components. With this capability, we excel in crafting tailor-made vehicles that cater to the distinctive requirements of institutions, companies, and individuals alike. Our focus rests on the development of intelligent, secure, and eco-conscious vehicles that utilize the latest technological advancements. 

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Authorized Service Center:

At Geyushi Automotive Industry, we are committed to delivering top-quality service and support. Our focus extends beyond the sale of buses to ensure that our clients’ experience is exceptional. We guarantee the availability of spare parts, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency. In addition, we offer client capacity building, providing training & resources to help you make the most of your fleet. For any emergencies, our mobile care units are ready to swiftly address failures on-site, ensuring your buses stay on the road. Geyushi automotive Industry is not just a manufacturer; we are your trusted partners in maintaining the reliability and longevity of your transportation solutions.

Integrated customer service solutions:

1- Geyushi  Automotive Industry Company provides a complete package of solutions to service large customer fleets, including annual maintenance contracts.

2- The company also provides technical solutions for fleet management in cooperation with national companies, including applications for fleet monitoring, planning, operation and control, to ensure that the technical solutions provided are in harmony with the bus systems produced by the company.

3- Geyushi The company carries out training and knowledge transfer for the employees of major customers through a team of experts, each in his own specialty.

Training and knowledge transfer:

Geyushi Automotive Industry Company provides a training center equipped with the latest devices and equipment for the training process of engineers and technicians for the benefit of major customers, in accordance with the supplier's approved technical training programmers on all engine parts.

The company also offers training courses for the customer's technicians and drivers in order to introduce:

  • Optimal use to achieve maximum economic benefit for operations
  • Ideal capacities and operating conditions
  • Technical requirements that ensure accurate and efficient operations
  • The measures to be taken to achieve maximum safety standards.