Geyushi Motors ranked first as the best service center for "Opel" and "Chevrolet" customers in Egypt for the third year in a row

Geyushi Motors hosts Opel Group members on social media

Geyushi Motors hosted Opel owners, members of the Opel Group, at Geyushi Motors' service center on social media at the service center's headquarters in Katameya, in the presence of the company's leaders, in a celebration that witnessed entertaining and introductory activities about the center and the multiple and integrated services provided by A maintenance team and technical cadres accepted the highest degree of efficiency and excellence with the latest equipment in the world.


Mr. Khaled Geyushi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Geyushi Motors, said that the celebration witnessed free and open discussions between the company's customers, owners of "Opel" cars, and the after-sales service team at Geyushi Motors about the services provided by the center to its valued customers, in addition to presenting multiple prizes from during a draw for these prizes, as well as recreational activities for customers and their families within the entertainment area of ​​the center is a wonderful family atmosphere, as part of the company’s strategy of continuous communication with its customers and its constant endeavor to develop the services provided to them.

He said that "Geyushi Motors" has established the first authorized service center for "Opel" and "Chevrolet" cars in a distinguished location in Kattameya, which is equipped with the highest level of technology and is comparable to the largest service centers in the world, with the testimony of Egyptian and foreign experts, indicating that the center can accommodate a number up to 50 cars at the same time and started its activity in January 2016.

He pointed out that the center achieved first place in 2016 out of 25 authorized agencies that have decades of experience in the field of after-sales services, after only one year of operation, then confirmed its leadership by achieving first place also for the year 2017, then the lead also in 2018 for the year The third in a row, according to the international standards of General Motors, in terms of the highest percentage of repair efficiency from the first time. The highest level of customer satisfaction and also the highest level in implementing warranty repairs for customer cars, the lowest percentage of customer complaints, in addition to the highest stage of training technicians and engineers and following up on customers after repair at 100% to ensure their complete satisfaction through reception engineers and customer service management as well as the availability of equipment and services following the standard standards of the parent company and the highest availability of the spare parts and accessories sector.


He explained that in the Geyushi service center, the customer follows up on his car, moment by moment, through a direct view of the quick maintenance workshop through soundproof glass. He can also communicate directly with the workshop engineer through “intercom.” There are also giant display screens for the main workshops, in order to achieve the highest levels of transparency and credibility. We also take care of customers and their children while the customer is waiting for his car by providing them with all possible amenities, providing free "Wi-Fi" service, watching television, reading newspapers and magazines, and having a special corner for children.

He ensured the company's keenness to strengthen the relationship between the owners of "Opel" and the Geyushi Motors service center from social networking sites, and to familiarize "Opel" customers with the center, its various services and competitive offers that meet the requirements and interests of our valued customers, which are always top the company's concerns.


Also, He ensured that Geyushi Motors Company pays great attention to its valued customers by identifying their requirements and desires, as for this, Geyushi does not stop only at sales and marketing operations, but always works to provide an integrated service at the highest level to provide spare parts, perform maintenance and provide after-sales services from Through authorized service centers for "Opel", "Chevrolet" and "Peugeot" cars in a privileged location in Kattameya and at the highest level of technology comparable to The largest service centers in the world through the human and technological capabilities that enable it to serve our valued customers efficiently and effectively.

  • Tue, 01 Aug 2017
  • 00:00 – 23:59
  • Cairo

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