For the fourth year in a row, "Geyushi Motors" is the first car on the Opel and Chevrolet service center in Egypt

Geyushi Motors has won first place as the best-authorized service center for Opel and Chevrolet customers in Egypt for the year 2019 for the fourth year in a row among all the authorized agencies in the Egyptian market, according to the international standards of "General Motors" and "Opel".


Khaled Geyushi, Vice President of Geyushi Motors, confirmed that the company pays great attention to the customer by identifying his requirements and desires. Also, the company did not stop only at sales and marketing operations but worked to provide an integrated service at the highest level to provide original spare parts and perform maintenance and repair operations. And plumbing works, straightening and measuring the chassis with the latest electronic devices, painting with the international paint of Skins, and providing all after-sales services through a service center that has the human and technological capabilities that enable it to serve its customers efficiently and effectively, which gives them confidence and security.


He said that "Geyushi Motors" has established its first authorized service center for Opel and Chevrolet cars in a featured location in Kattameya, which is equipped with the highest level of technology and is equivalent to the largest service centers in the world, according to the testimony of Egyptian and foreign experts, noting that the center can accommodate 50 cars in At the same time, it started working since January 2016.


He added that the center achieved the first place for the year 2016 among all the authorized agencies who have decades of experience in the field of after-sales services, after only one year of operation, and then confirmed its leadership by achieving the first place also for the year 2017, then the lead also for the year 2018 and 2019 for the fourth year in a row, according to the international standards of “General Motors” and “Opel” in terms of the highest percentage of repair efficiency from the first time, the highest level of customer satisfaction and also the highest percentage in implementing warranty repairs for customer cars, and the lowest percentage of complaints Customers, in addition to the highest percentage of technicians and engineers training, and 100% follow-up to customers after repair to ensure their full satisfaction through reception engineers and customer service management, in addition to the availability of equipment and services in accordance with the standards of the parent company and the highest availability of spare parts and accessories.

He explained that at the Geyushi service center, the customer follows up his car, moment by moment, through a direct view of the quick maintenance workshop through the soundproof glass and he can also communicate directly with the workshop engineers through “intercom”, and there are giant display screens for the main workshops to achieve the highest levels of transparency And credibility, I also took care of customers and their children while the customer was waiting for his car by providing them with all possible amenities, providing them with free "Wi-Fi" service, watching television, reading newspapers and magazines, with a special corner for children with free gifts for them. The service center also provides additional services such as nano-ceramic car paint protection, rim tinting, as well as a free scratch repair service.

He revealed that the Geyushi Service Center offers special programs and services to the customers, the main objective of which is to achieve their complete satisfaction and make them feel distinguished when they deal with "Geyushi Motors." Among these services is the "Geyushi One" card, which is a card provided to the customer who bought his car from Geyushi. Workmanship, a discount on spare parts, and other features, with the possibility of installment the repair bill over 6 months without interest, with the provision of “teltec” service, which is a technical service for the customer that is unique to the Geyushi service center to inquire about how to face any emergency technical problem by calling the hotline 19927 and responding to it One of the specialized engineers immediately to help him solve the problem

Geyushi noted that the customer can bring and receive his car during non-official working hours, in addition to providing a roadside assistance card to transport broken cars as a result of a mechanical failure or as a result of a collision, and the broken car can be rescued on the road by sending technicians specialized in the necessary equipment and spare parts, In addition to the possibility of insuring customers’ cars through the company’s insurance department, as well as maintaining technical and social communication with customers on social networking.For example, the company presents artistic videos of no more than 5 minutes each, which are broadcasting on the “Geyushi” page. The company also organizes group meetings with customers on various occasions, including social, entertainment, and others, as well as organizing football competitions periodically between the customer team and the team. Geyushi distributes prizes and cups to the winners, which further consolidates the relationship between the company and its customers.

Geyushi Motors' partners are Opel, Chevrolet, and Peugeot, and it is the exclusive agent in Egypt for Yutong Buses and Weichai, the giant Chinese engine company.

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